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Aurican possessed an Engineering Technology Research Center of Building Window & Door Components of Guangdong Province. It established product testing center with complete equipments, which are capable of testing friction stay, handle, pulley and other products in accordance with the international industrial standards. Specific testing standard includes:
1. Life cycling testing, negative pressure and sealing testing of friction stay. The friction stay passed the test of:
1.1. USA AAMA904-09
1.2. UK BS6375-2:2009
1.3. Europe EN13126-6
1.4. Singapore SS212:2007 & HDB
1.5. Hong Kong BS6375-2:2009 & SS212:2007
1.6. China JG/T127-2007(The drafter of national standards)
2. Life cycling test and negative pressure test for handle
3. Life cycling test for pulley
4. Product salty spray test
5. Universal test for pull and bending of the products.
6. Impact force test for plastic part.
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